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Newly Discovered Fetish: Chair Sniffing

06208.jpgNow, this is just strange: An Australian politician, during a press conference, broke down into tears as he admitted that he’d sniffed the chair of a female colleague.

With tears in his eyes, Mr Buswell had to compose himself before telling the media in Mandurah this morning that his behaviour had been unacceptable. Mr Buswell said he had repeatedly refused to deny the allegations because he wanted to protect the woman involved. But he broke down after he was asked about the effect of the reports on his wife and children.
With tears in his eyes, Mr Buswell said he needed a short break, turned his back and then asked his press secretary to bring him a glass of water. Mr Buswell said his wife was aware of the allegations before they were exclusively revealed in The Sunday Times at the weekend. He said it had been a difficult time for him “on a personal level”.
“These are difficult issues for me to deal with and they are very difficult issues for my family to deal with,” he said.

I will grant that smelling a woman’s chair is … odd. But, really: Is all of this drama necessary? Weeping? Hiding it from your family? You gotta do a lot worse in America before all those histrionics are necessary. I wonder if he’ll go to chair-sniffing rehab?

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Apparently he didn't inhale.