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Name that Constitutional Right!

23324890.jpgErie, Pennsylvania’s first ever female firefighter was recently fired from her job after it was revealed that she burned down her father’s house in an apparent suicide attempt. No charges were filed, however:

Fire Chief Tony Pol wrote in Wolski’s April 2007 termination letter that setting the December 2006 fire made her unsuited to be a firefighter because she posed a danger to others and herself. She was hired in 1997.
Her lawyer, Paul Susko, said officials violated her constitutional rights and lacked evidence to uphold the firing.

Can anyone name the constitutional right being violated? Cause I sure as hell can’t. Due process, perhaps?

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The right of self ignition?

It's in the Constitution fer sure! Whatsitsname, it's next to the right in the Constitution to homeschool my kids.

I think it must be somewhere in the Penumbra.

Ummm... the right to bear "fire"arms?