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myspace.jpgIn Arlington, Oregon, Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist has embraced the MySpace. Turns out, some of her constituents (of which there are only about 500, making Arlington the definition of “backwoods”) aren’t a fan of the MySpace. Or, rather, they’re not a fan of the Mayor’s page on MySpace. More specifically, they kinda wish their Mayor hadn’t posted photos of herself in black lingerie.

While Mayor McBra-and-Panties’ page used to be viewable by all, now only her MySpace friends can see it. Still, some folks think the photos, showing her posing on a town fire engine, are inappropriate and reflect poorly on the town: “It’s a picture of her in bra and panties on a rural protection fire truck in a rural protection fire hall. This isn’t the way we want our city to be portrayed.”

Meanwhile, Mayor Kontur-Gronquist thinks her detractors should butt out: “That’s my personal life. It has nothing to do with my mayor’s position…. I’m not going to change who I am.”

Right on!

Meanwhile, I’m sure you want to a picture, so here you go. Now, a snarky bastard might say that you probably don’t really want to see this picture. But, since she looks like she can kick my ass ten ways from Sunday, I ain’t saying no such thing.


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Whatever... I'd hit it. Although she is a little tranny-lookin'.

Beats seeing on TV the town's volunteer fire chief drunk and streaking across Ocean City Highway after a firefighters convention. The local TV channel was using their traffic copter to follow the events. Hard to believe a morbidly obese firefighter could run so fast. That was the last time my town was in the news.

I don't know how old she is, but I'm going to guess early to mid 40s (of course, that could just be a result of her overly tanned/leather bag face). If my abs look that good when I'm that age, I'll take out an ad in the damn newspaper to show them off!