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Must Drive … 55!

Find out what happens when a group of rebelliously law-abiding college students decide to attempt a brave legal experiment: Drive the speed limit. No matter what.

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That's brilliant.

I've never been to ATL, but I know I'd be scared spitless to try to drive 55 where I live. Luckily, most of the limits are being raised to 65. That was seriously brave of them.

Damn kids holding up traffic! Get off my lawn!

I did not realize that was my Atlanta until they outright said it. I am trying to remember if I saw this on the news, because it would have been a really big deal. And yes, there are utter nutcases that will do anything to get around you, even if it means doing a hit and run. Every day, I have to put up with Southern-fried Mario Andrettis trying to break the land speed record on I-20.

Funniest thing: the biggest speeders (and moneymakers)in Atlanta are folks who have moved from Europe. One of my classmates was raised in Germany, and she ended up with a $2000 speeding ticket for doing 95(!) in the 55 zone. The current theory: they are too used to driving the Autobahn. Of course, consider she was here for a few years before this happened, that theory really doesn't hold water.

Great idea, but whoever put the video together needs a hard slap. Every time a communications major misspells the TITLE of their film, a kitten is crushed to death. Trufax.

We used to do that in high school, only then it was called being an annoying juvenille dickhead. People used to completely lose their shit on the highway. A friend of mine's rear window exploded as a result of a particularly well-aimed D battery, and that was the end of our "extraordinary act(s) of public disobedience"

Honestly, the editing in that video was pissing me off. And it felt like everyone was trying too hard to have good camera comments.

That being said, drivers are f**king insane. No matter what speed I go, on surface streets or highways, someone will cut in and out. Someone will slam on their brakes when they miscalculated distances. It's jackasses themselves, not the speed that causes problems.

I would have laughed harder had they been less overt about what they were doing. Luckily, I don't have to deal with the asshole driver around here. Yay, public transportation!

Vermillion, you're from Atlanta? Right on.