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Here’s Lisa Ann, the lady who starring in Hustler Video’s upcoming Nailin’ Paylin’. I don’t know much, but I do know this — if you buy this video and skip past the NSFW bits, the “dialogue” and “plot” parts will likely be as informative as tomorrow night’s final presidential debate.


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As informative? It'll probably be MORE informative, plus a whole hell of a lot more fun to watch.

I'm just terrified by the idea of a porno scene done in Palin's voice. It is a proven boner-killer....

are there any Biden/Obama/Mccain pornos out there? because while I agree that the whole "media is being sexist against Pailin for asking her questions" is a stupid claim, i Do believe that posting about a Porno which objectifies her is sexist.
Given Dustin's feminist beliefs, I am very surprised and dissapointed to see this post on this site.


Sara, come on. Sexism is only a charge that can be successfully lobbed in support of left wing (white) women.* Conservative women can never face sexism.

* = Unless that woman runs against a more oppressed minority, like a black man.

President Clinton inspired a porno. Hell, he created a new universal male fantasy in the college intern. Its right up there with the bad catholic school girl and the French Maid. And I am guessing I am the only student of antique presidential porns...does no one remember the Taft inspired "League to Enforce Fatty Love". Granted, Feederism isn't as popular today as it was in the late 20's. More famous was the FDR inspired, "Gimp Fist" which was overshadowed by the events of Pearl Harbor. This Nail'n Palin thing is nothing new and has little to do with sexism, but rather the sexiness of the highest office. Its a compliment more than anything else really...