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More of the Same

Most readers have probably figured out that I’m supporting Obama in November. That being said, his latest ad has me thinking that maybe he needs to stop doing more of the same. I mean, am I the only tired of hearing the same two or three things coming out of his camp?

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I actually cringed watching him on Countdown last night. C'mon Barack, PALIN IS LYING ABOUT HER RECORD. KO lobbed him a softball and he whiffed it, talking about "stretching the limits of spin." This isn't spin - IT'S LYING. She's a LYING LIAR WHO LIES. Imagine the press coverage if Obama just said that, simply: She's lying about her record. She's lying to the American people.

I'm not saying he needs to play dirty - no one is suggesting he should lie himself. But there's nothing dishonorable in POINTING OUT THAT THE OTHER SIDE IS LYING!



please please for the love of God can this camp come out with something new to say

Sad, I thought he was going to be a different kind of politician but alas, they all cave once they hear Washington calling them... I hope this ad isnt an indication of the 'change' he has been preaching about...