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More from the annals of unnecessary federal regulation

trunkOfBooze.jpgIt seems that there is a proposed federal regulation that would require all beer, wine and booze to have nutrition labels listing calories, carbs and percent of alcohol by volume, among other things. One official says that including calorie counts “could provide a constant, low-cost reminder that alcohol consumption adds generally empty, discretionary calories to the diet.”

Yeah, because people don’t know that beer and alcohol serve no good dietary function. “Oh, wait — I might put on weight while using this bottle of wine to drown my sorrows? Well then, never me mind.”


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Okay - you guys have to do something about those obnoxious "You won!" ads embedded on the front page. Seriously, I'm really hungover and I'm about to have a seizure.

Could be interesting, though, seeing those calorie-counters inching their way through the liquor stores.