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Mmmm … tastes like chicken

fried-chicken.jpgRyan Halverson was arrested for public intoxication. He was hauled off to the local clink by police Sgt. Jay Newton. Newton was taking things out of Halverson’s pockets to book him, when the clearly still drunk Halverson leaned over and licked Newton’s cheek. He apparently liked the taste, as he reached in for a second lick, which Newton dodged.

And now, poor drunken Halverson is not just facing that public intoxication charge, but a charge of assault on an officer.

The licking could be serious, [police chief Jeff] Pynes said, because it could spread various diseases to the officer.
“We want people to like our officers, but not to lick them,” Pynes said.
Since the incident Newton has been talking a lot of ribbing from fellow officers, Pynes said.
“He’s been getting a lot of lollypops in his internal mail,” the chief said.

I get the idea that licking “could be serious.” But charging the guy with assaulting officer? Really?

(Hat tip to reader Jen E.)

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From the fact that his fellow officers are teasing him about it, you can see how serious the police are taking this "assault". I would assume they either don't want to pass up the chance to get some extra fine dollars out of this person, or its more of a status issue. After all, if they don't come down hard on these cop-lickers, then they'll be knee-deep in taste buds by the end of the month!

Wasn't there a guy who was HIV positive, then was charged with assault with a deadly weapon when he spat in a cop's mouth? This guy was obviously just trashed, but I wouldn't want drunks licking me either.

You can't transmit HIV through saliva. I wouldn't want drunks licking me either but there are no grounds for the deadly weapon charge.

He may have had razor blades gouging through his tongue.