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Might as well jump!

diamond-dave.jpgSo apparently the Canadian cops (not the mounties though, damn it, just the provincial police) pulled over this car for erratic driving. And son of a bitch if it wasn’t David Lee Roth behind the wheel. But he wasn’t drunk, as you might expect — turns out he was having a severe allergic reaction to some nuts. So the cops did the right thing and rushed Diamond Dave to a nearby hospital where he was fixed up all proper-like. He celebrated his newfound health by taking off to a local bar, showing up with women dressed in scrubs on his arms, and he was in such a good mood that he even hopped on stage with a local band to bang out some “Ice Cream Man,” an oldie-but-goodie Van Halen track.

The thing of it is, at the time, Diamond Dave was actually in NYC performing with Van Halen.

Turns out the dude in Canada was a David Lee Roth impersonator, and the cops were so concerned over his health, they never bothered to check his ID.