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Men can’t help falling asleep after sex

asleep-after-sex.jpgSeriously, we can’t. It’s in our DNA. So you can’t really blame Vipul Romik Sharma for falling asleep after having sex. What you can blame him for is that said sex was forced after meeting a woman in a bar and abducting her off to a nearby park. When he was done raping her, he decided it was a good idea to let her drive, and he promptly fell asleep in the passenger seat. So his victim made a beeline for the local police station and the still sleeping Sharma was promptly arrested.

Last month, a New Zealand jury found him guilty of abduction and two counts of rape, and he’ll be sentenced next month. I hope his big burly inmate doesn’t let him sleep peacefully, if you catch my drift.

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I suspect you are speaking of anal rape, good sir. I'm all for it.

...for this guy. Not in general.