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Meet John Taylor Bowles — Candidate for President

election08.jpgWith the 2008 Presidential election right around the corner (throat clear), I decided to start doing a little research into potential candidates. Naturally, I like Barack, though he’s still unproven, and I dig Hillary, if only because she’s married to a home-state hero of mine. And, of course, there is Rudy and McCain — I’m not Republican, but if McCain ever returned to the guy he was in 2000, I’d consider him; and Guilianni, at least, is not a president that would finally provide the impetus for me to move to Canada.

But I knew there were other candidates out there vying for my vote, and I wanted to give them a shot. So I started snooping around, checking out the candidate pages. And then I came across John Taylor Bowles’ website. I’d never heard of him, but his campaign web page gave me a nice primer: He was born to patriotic parents in Maryland. He is a “fun-loving father of three daughters.” He’s a union guy, and he used to work for the Department of Agriculture. I’m intrigued. Tell me more.

His campaign platform starts out strong enough — “NO MORE DEBT! NO MORE WORKING LONG HOURS! NO MORE HIGH TAXES! NO MORE HIGH COLLEGE TUITION COSTS!” Well, clearly, he has a thing for all-caps; but that’s not enough, by itself, to disqualify him from getting my vote. Besides, he believes that every American should have “FREE HEALTHCARE, FREE COLLEGE EDUCATION, ZERO INTEREST MORTGAGES, DECENT PAYING JOBS, VERY LOW TAXES, CRIME FREE NEIGHBORHOODS, LOW GASOLINE PRICES, A HEALTHY SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM, AND TO BE ABLE TO HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO ENJOY LIFE!”

Hey — I want to be able to have enough time to enjoy life. I want a zero interest mortgage and crime-free neighborhoods. Bowles — you’re speaking my language. Oh … wait. Oh, shit. Er …what’s that? “HOW CAN THIS BE DONE? STOP WASTING WHITE TAXPAYER DOLLARS ON THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES, NO-WIN WARS, AND FOREIGN AID TO ISRAEL. WHITE TAXPAYER DOLLARS BELONG IN WHITE TAXPAYERS POCKETS!

What’s with all the WHITE, Bowles? You trying to tell me something here? Let’s look at his plan for America: “A sound education for every White child which will teach honesty, morality, and strength of character, and instill a sense of pride in the great heritage and traditions of the White Race.” Huh? Well, what’s your stand on stricter gun control? “I oppose any attempt to disarm law-abiding White citizens. Law abiding White citizens should have the right to carry a concealed firearm for protection from rampant black-on-white crime.” Black-on-white crime? What’s that about health care again? “Free health care for all White citizens.”

Dude — what about the black citizens? Or Hispanic citizens. What would you do for them, if you were President.

The very first thing I would do is sign an emergency Executive Order ordering all non-Whites to be respectfully transferred to their own racial homelands. Non-Whites would be reimbursed for their personal property and real property upon exiting the USA. I don’t believe any non-Whites would want to remain in the USA after this emergency Executive Order went into effect. American Indians would be allowed to remain in the USA on their own reservations and all treaties with them would be respected and honored. Also, non-Whites would be immediately removed from the USA military within 24 hours of being officially sworn in as President.

Oh, sorry I asked … ummm … I think I’m going to … er … Barack Obama for President!

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Sadness, his website isn't up anymore. But on the NSM site, the swastikas add a nice touch.

I like bowles real interesting person

SIEG HEIL BOWLES! the white peoples president. 88

And what would happen to the American Indians in the military??? And well half the people left have some kind of American Indian in them, so what happens if they are married to a white person?? or have a child with a white person??? well what then??

Oh and what about the mexicans that aren't illegal? what will you do with them??

So I have also looked at other John Taylor Bowles site's and I noticed he says white americans want this white americans want thea well FYI, other americans want that too, just because there not white doesn't make them less of an american...

hope he wins

his website ...suck'. hi's talking about white americans..., their white contry, fuck that, Bowells may be american, but i bet his grandfather, and grandmother aren't born here. His another inmigrant, what is got to do is kill itself, so it can stop bother other people.

I can't wait to see how many votes he gets! Count me in! It's time for a revolution against the weak republicans and the white stabbing liberals and media! Let the whites awaken from their slumber and end this invasion! Yes we immigrated here and flourished, and now we will take it back before things get worse. Al Sharpton race war instigators and liberal media: VERBOTEN!

John Bowles actually has some damn good ideas, but has a snowball's chance in a blast furnace of ever winning anything.

Too bad Bowles dresses up like a WWII storm trooper - he looks completely ridiculous, and it destroys any credibility he may have.

Bluntly, the United States is heading for a blood drenched revolution, that is the only way that things will change for the white majority in this country.