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McNulty and Bunk Live On … In Spirit

jimmymcnulty.jpgEven if you can no longer get your “The Wire” fix, police officers in Mississippi pull a stunt that would make Jimmy McNulty proud:

A mentally disabled man who was given a fake lie detector test is still waiting for a settlement after six years. Pearl police admitted that officers put a lampshade on Huey Granger’s head in June 2002. Granger had filed a police report claiming that his daughter was attacked by her boyfriend in their Pearl home. While at the police station, officers Keith Peterson and Jeff Thames gave him a “fake lie detector test.”
Granger is adamant that two former Pearl police officers should pay for his pain and humiliation. He is asking for $2 million in a civil lawsuit against the two men.
“He hit me in the back of my head and messed my neck up pretty bad and put a lampshade on my head with electric wires hooked to it and was trying to shoot electricity to me and get me to change my story to what happened to my daughter,” Granger said.

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I thought it was legal for cops to lie. Isn't it? By the way, don't offer to buy furniture for your kids in Manayunk. Jesus, it was so expensive it made my eyes bleed.

I thought the same, I mean lets get real, Most Cops do what they want and get away with it. They lie more than they solve crimes, And make fake promises to others just to get a case closed, or get someone they really want, they are so corrupt, pretty much everywhere now! More than the actual "Suspect" Look what just happened at the Prison in Gadsten Florida Correctional Facility, I mean come on, here the Guards were so abusive to the inmates, even going as far as letting that poor 31 year old mother of 2 DIE.Something has to be done here, And then The Guards finally got busted for all the drug dealing they were doing in the jail!! Surprised that it wasnt covered up as usual. By the way, to the Family of that young lady, My sincere condolences, Im so sorry you lost your daughter due to negligence on the prision, the real BAD GUYS.