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McCain is Actually One Wily Bitch? (Floating a Theory)

p1_mccain_all (1).jpgI’m just going to put this out there because, in the unlikely event that it happens, I get to be one prescient motherfucker. But, is it too farfetched and too cynical to actually believe that the Palin disaster was all part of McCain’s plan? After all, he’s got a Karl Rove protégé running his campaign, so I wouldn’t put elaborate, political scheming past him.

Here’s a possibility: McCain taps Palin (hee-hee), knowing everything in her background, and also knowing that, ultimately, she’ll be forced to resign from the ticket. But, having already named her, McCain has fired up the base and — from what the pundits lead us to believe, anyway — united the Republican party. But what if he wanted her to resign all along? What if he thought he could blame Obama and the Democrats for forcing her out? He plays the sympathy card, makes a martyr out of Palin, a woman-hating beast out of Obama, and then once he’s got his base aligned, he chooses Joe Lieberman as his VP pick, finally pulling in all those Democrats now alienated by Obama’s ghastly treatment of women? I can almost hear McCain’s speech:

“Sarah Palin was a good woman, a great mother, and an amazing choice for Vice President. Unfortunately, Obama, the Democrats, and their friends in the media have made it impossible for Sarah Palin to remain on the ticket and be a good mother to her five children at the same time. Palin felt that it was in the best interest of her children to resign from my ticket. I firmly believed that we live in a country where you can’t be a Mom and hold the second-highest office in the land. But we’ve still got a long way to go before we can encourage our political opponents to cut out the personal attacks of the families of candidates. Barack Obama said families were off limits. But his words didn’t match his actions. Now, thanks to Barack Obama and his henchman, it’s going to be at least another four years before that glass ceiling is shattered.”

It just might work, too.

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Um, you people will believe anything. By the way, I have some land down in Louisiana I'd like to sell you. It comes with a purple dragon, free of charge.

This Anti-Palin crap is so stupid at this point. It's starting to strike me of an attempt to "make truth" out of all these silly ass memes.

I don't get Nick's comment. I don't get it at all.

Might be that my brain's not workin', might also be that he ain't makin' much sense.

Obama has been very carefull not to attack the Palin nomination. He doesn't have to - the media are having a field day, finally doing their job...

btw, can you IMAGINE the shitstorm the Republicans would have reigned down on us if Obama or his wife had ever been part of any party or organization that advocated seceeding from the United States? They didn't vet her, plain and simple. McCain's judgment and his deliberative process are a JOKE.

Ummm - "rained down" not "reigned down." Oops.

You liberals and your conspiracy theories!

Get out of my head, Rowles!

With Harret Myers, Bush got to look like he wanted to put another woman on the Supreme court, and when it was clear there was no way she would make it through the confirmation process (having no experience and all), he got to put in one of his good old boys. Call me jaded, but I just don't trust the Republicans when they nominate women for high positions anymore.

There is no way the Republicans didn't know all of these things going in. NO WAY. There is a method to the madness. My theory is that they picked someone that the media would pounce on almost gleefully in the hope that there would be a backlash, particularly among those women who might be inclined to be more protective of a fellow woman seeking such a high office. At the very least, the sheer level of activity she will incite will make it easy to play the "media bias" card. What the hell, they might as well try the hail mary; they're not going to win a straight up election based on Democrat vs. Republican issues this time around.

Eep? Where the hell have you been, man? -- DR

Dustin, have you considered becoming a campaign organizer? Because, man, you would be freaking brilliant. Scary, but brilliant.

Beat you to it: McCain Campaign Stumbles Through the Looking Glass.

But then I was beaten by the commentors to a damn pregnant cat snark: Sarah Palin's Cat is Pregnant

Hey, if we're right, I'll see you on the Road to Mordor ("My Prescience").

Oops, sorry to get all Pajiba-y there.