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Maybe this guy will get cancer and die a horribly painful death too…

jigsaw.jpgJesus, this is like right out one of the Saw movies. Robert A. Williams, a NYC man with a long history of trouble, is currently on trial facing 71 criminal counts, including rape, attempted murder, arson and assault:

Over many torturous hours, [a 23-year-old-woman] had been repeatedly raped, sodomized and forced to perform oral sex, a prosecutor told a jury on Thursday. The accused, Robert A. Williams, 31, had doused the woman’s face and body with boiling water and bleach, forced her to swallow handfuls of pills and to chase them with beer, sealed her mouth with glue, and bound her wrists and legs with shoelaces, cords and duct tape, said the prosecutor, Ann P. Prunty. And now, Ms. Prunty said, he was asking the woman to gouge out her own eyes with a pair of scissors.
And so the woman, sitting on the floor of her studio apartment in Hamilton Heights and holding a pair of scissors between her knees — the blade pointing toward her face — tried to stop the suffering. She lowered her face to the blade, but turned her head at the last moment, trying to stab herself in the neck instead of her eyes.
The scissors slipped from her grasp, the suicide attempt failed, and the woman suffered several more hours of torture, Ms. Prunty said.
The woman survived the nearly 19-hour ordeal, which ended, Ms. Prunty said, when she used a fire started by Mr. Williams to burn the cords that secured her wrists to a futon.

Williams is obviously a sick mother fucker — he made her cut her hair so he could “see her face, her fear and humiliation” — but he’s been found mentally fit to stand trial. Here’s hoping he never sees daylight again.

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Dude, Seth, I SOOO did not need to read all of that! I can't even begin to comprehend what that poor woman experienced. Next time, give me some warning before I give my brain fodder for horrible nightmares!

The irony/dilemna is he'll have to be coddled now, too risky to put him into Rikers amongst the normal criminals.

There are certain situations where I feel vengeance rather than justice is perfectly appropriate, and this is one of them. Let's invoke ol' Hammurabi for this case, shall we?

I'd suggest sending him to Gitmo, but they'd just put him on the night crew.