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Maybe he shouldn’t stay up so late watching his stories

mccain.jpgAw, poor whittle Johnny McCain needs some more sweep….

In the meantime, McCain said he would concentrate on getting more sleep when he can.
“If I put in three or four 18-hour, 20-hour days in a row, I’m not sharp. It’s just a fact,” the Republican senator from Arizona said. “I’m more sharp if I get a little rest.”
McCain said he feels best sleeping until 7:30 or 8 a.m., as opposed to his usual morning drill of rising at 5:30 or 6 a.m. (Source)

And how, exactly, is he going to handle the grueling job of President, should he win? Hell, even Bush manages to get his ass up early just about every morning (I believe I’ve heard he’s up around 5 a.m. although, to be fair, mother fucker sure takes a lot of vacations).

(Hat tip: The Jed Report)

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A while ago I commented on how much I love this picture of John "Ole Gnashy" McCain.

I just -- I really don't even have words for it. It makes me smile.

To those who doubt that photography can perfectly capture the essence of a person: take notice! It can be done.