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Man Dies in Freak Accident, And the Weather is Seasonable

Weather_Symbol.gifBack when I was a major in journalism in college (I know, I know — it’s not nearly as romantic as astrophysics, but then again, journo majors got a lot more tail), one of the first lessons we were taught in the news reporting business is the inverted pyramid: Lead with the most significant details and work your way down to the filler material.

I’m not sure that Ken Ross completely understood the inverted pyramid, as evidenced by these opening paragraphs:

Independence Day weekend ended quietly today after beginning with a fatal accident on Friday, when a Palmer man died after he was struck by a car while lighting fireworks.
Today’s weather also proved to be drier and sunnier after sporadic rain showers on Friday and Saturday.
David G. Bassett, 39, of 1067 Pleasant St., Palmer, died on Friday as a result injuries he sustained after he was struck by a vehicle at 10:20 p.m. near 1061 Pleasant St. in Palmer driven by Brian F. Dickson, 19, of Monson, according to a statement issued by Palmer police. Bassett was pronounced dead on Friday at Wing Memorial Hospital in Palmer.
Bassett and others were lighting fireworks in the middle of Pleasant Street when Dickson approached the area. Upon seeing the fireworks, “Dickson accelerated in an attempt to run over the fireworks,” police stated.
Dickson struck the victim, whom Dickson claims he did not see “due to the excessive smoke from the fireworks,” police stated.

I’ll grant that he used the appropriate lede, but I’m not so sure that the weather is particularly important to the story of this man’s tragic death.

Meanwhile, and more importantly, why would you try to run over fireworks?