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Makes me almost want to move to Alabama

sir-charles.jpgA lot can change in six years, but for now, Charles Barkley is saying that he plans to run for governor of Alabama in 2014. It’s long been speculated that Sir Charles would throw his hat into the ‘Bama ring, and Barkley now appears ready to do just that. He says he figures that he can’t screw things up worse than they already are, because: “We are number 48 in everything and Arkansas and Mississippi aren’t going anywhere.”

And that’s why I’d vote for him. Not sure he’d be a good Governor. But the man gives good quote. Constantly entertaining.

When he was criticized by folks about his gambling habits, this is what he had to say about those critics: “I never saw them in there getting kicked in the head by Karl Malone.”

Explaining his post-NBA girth: “I really don’t eat that much. I just, more or less, tend to eat all the time.”

On the nature of humanity: “I don’t care what people think. people are stupid.”

And my favorite Barkley quote, made as he was taken off the basketball court on a stretcher, with it being clear that he had just played his last NBA game: “I’m just what America needs - another unemployed black man.”


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Man, that's turrible for all those knuckleheads in Alabama.

I'm not so sure about this. I prefer to get my celebrity governors from the cast of "Predator."

I love Charles Barkley. My main excitement for the NBA season starting is that chances for a Barkley sighting increase exponentially.

Not to mention: He dunked on Barney, people.

Alabama is so lucky...well, not really, actually, but...you know.

I too, love Charles Barkley. Loved him when he played for the Suns and all his crazy antics later. I think he got a bad rap occasionally, but was always entertained by his quotes.

I gave him a high-five once at the Suns' Christmas party. I was like 8 years old. Just thought I'd share...

Why would anyone vote for Charles Barkley? Give me a break...

I love Charles, and I probably agree with him about a fair number of things, but can we just grow up, put on the big-people pants, and stop voting people into office because they amuse or charm us? Charles is a former basketball player and current commentator with an interest in politics. That does not a statesman make. I agree with me 100% of the time, but I wouldn't vote myself into office because I don't have the qualifications or the aptitude for it.

Sure, why not? You would probably vote for a small soap dish, too.