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Loose, footloose, kick off your Sunday shoes….

footloose.jpgAn 18-year-old Wisconsin man was recently arrested for dancing. In a roundabout way.

Seems that Jeffery G. Holm Jr. was at a local city festival and was getting his groove on. Thing is, Holm’s dancing was terrible. A security officer at the festival noticed the bad dancing, and it was apparently so bad that he decided Holm must have been either high as s kite or drunk as a skunk. So the security guy pointed Holm out to some local cops, who approached Holm. Holm stunk like weed, which led to a search, which led to the cops finding some weed and a pipe on Holm, which led to an arrest, and so the story goes.

The best part about this story, however, is that it didn’t just happen to take place anywhere in Wisconsin. No sir, it took place in Sheboygan. Mother fuck, I will never get tired of that city’s name.

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Sheboygan?? And you KNOW the guy was probably wear almost exactly the outfit in the Footloose photo too. Maybe with a Slayer tshirt instead, but definitely rocking the high-waisted acid-wash.

So now bad dancing is probable cause for arrest? WTF?!?