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Leave the Listserv Alone: Tales from Cornell Law

item_zm_th_17.jpgMy significant other, known elsewhere as Mrs. Pajiba-hyphenate, is a 3L at Cornell Law School, so I’m privy to some of the goings on there. Every year around finals time, the law school’s listserv explodes with wackos. Clearly, stuck in the law school library in the bowels of Ithaca, NY, sustained by only lukewarm coffee and pizza bagels at CBT, and deprived of social interaction for weeks at a time, something happens to these poor souls, many of whom lash out at 2 a.m. on the school-wide listserv. It’s usually five or six people who dominate the discussions, exchanging crackpot theories, taunting one another, and — very often — revealing their inner douchebag. Unfortunately for the rest of the school, when they decide to take a mini-break from their studies and check for emails from home, their inboxes are inundated with countless screeds and nonsense. Very often, asking the culprits to take their kvetching off the listserv only leads to more jackassery. However, each semester for the last five, there’s always been a voice of levity in the proceedings, who almost makes the whole scene worthwhile.

And this semester, he’s stepped it up, taking it to YouTube in this hilarious parody.

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Heh. Rides to Syracuse? Oh, it must be grim down there in Ithaca if y'all want a ride to the Cuse.

That Chris Crocker crap never stops being funny.