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Leave no teacher’s sexual misconduct behind

teacher.jpgThe California Senate has passed a bill which would allow teachers to be suspended where they have had their license revoked in another state because of sexual misconduct. And yes, right now, there’s a nice little loophole that kinda keeps this as a current grounds for suspension, at least for a while.

The AP’s investigation last year found 2,570 educators nationwide whose teaching credentials had been revoked, denied, surrendered or sanctioned following allegations of sexual misconduct. The investigation covered the years 2001 through 2005.

And who says our education system is broken?

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Hold on, I'm confused. The link says that suspension is required if a teacher's license has previously been revoked for sexual misconduct (which, if such misconduct has been previously fully adjudicated, seems legit.) Also, the "loophole" seems to allow the teacher to continue to teach pending investigation, which also seems like a legitimate due process measure.

Admittedly a bit confusing, but with balancing the needs of children and d.p. rights of people accused of such heinous offenses, things can get tricky.

What am I missing here (w/r/t your obvious disagreement with the effect of the bill?)