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Lawyer Confuses Judge for Catholic Priest

geraldrobinson_narrowweb__300x457,0.jpgI don’t know what the hell is up this lawyer’s ass, but it was enough to get him four months in the clink for contempt, after he called the judge a pedophile, among other things:

An attorney’s rude behavior has earned him a four-month stay in the Greene County Jail. Greene County Circuit Court Judge Tom Mountjoy sentenced Kansas City lawyer Carlos D. Romious to 120 days in jail last week because of Romious’ “rude and angry” demeanor toward the judge.
The judgment states that on July 16, Romious “loudly and rudely” asked Mountjoy “if the ‘proceeding was a joke’ and stated to the Court ‘you’re going to sit your ass up there.”’
Romious also accused Mountjoy of “corrupting and stinking up the case” and “corrupting this system.” The next day, when Mountjoy ordered the attorney to appear in court at 8 a.m. on June 18, Romious said “don’t hold your breath,” the document states.
When Romious did show up on June 18, he at one point asked the judge, “Are you a pedophile?”

I’m not sure what possessed him to call the judge that, but my guess is that the counselor had no fucking clue what the word meant and he was just trying to impress the judge with his vocabulary, which reminds me of the worst fucking joke I’ve ever heard in my life, compliments of my little brother:

“My girlfriend called me a pedophile once, and I told her that was an awfully big word for a five-year old.”

Forgive me. I know. I’m going straight to hell for repeating it.