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Landlord/Tenant Law 101

video-tape.jpgToday’s lesson — blackmail gets the rent paid, every time. Except for when it doesn’t.

This lesson comes to us from, naturally, Florida, where we meet Jill Marita Munger, the owner of some Panama City Beach condo units. One of Munger’s recent tenants just moved out and didn’t pay all the rent owed to Munger. So Munger decided to track the tenant down to collect the past-due rent.

Fair enough.

When Munger found the unidentified tenant, however, she did more than just ask nicely for the money. Instead, she informed her former tenant that there was a hidden camera in the condo and if the overdue rent wasn’t paid, Munger threatened to release a sex tape on the internet. And then to sell the tape and publish the tenant’s Social Security number.

The tenant didn’t take kindly to all of this, so she called the cops and helped bust Munger in an undercover sting. The best part is that Munger’s threat was a bluff, as she had no sex tape in the first place!

Well played, Munger, well played!