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Killing Time in Indiana

indiana.jpgThis week at QuizLaw, we’re gonna go a little theme-like by taking a look at some of the ways folks kill time in different states. We begin by looking at Indiana where, late last month, an S. McCormick was arrested on the Indiana Toll Road. Seems cops received a call about McCormick’s driving early that afternoon, so Trooper Al Martinez went on the scene and pulled McCormick over. Martinez was surely pleased as punch when he walked up to McCormick’s car to find the driver in the nude, with petroleum jelly on his hands.

Apparently, those prudish Indiana drivers didn’t like the fact that McCormick was sharing the road with them, all nude and masterbating-like.

McCormick was charged with indecent exposure, naturally, but here’s the kicker: “When asked why he was traveling like that, McCormick said he felt comfortable driving in the nude and was on his way to Ohio to visit his mother.”

Nude masterbatory driving - is that any way to visit your mother?