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Kids Can Be So Cruel

20081115__ut_courts_hansen_1115~1.jpgThis is just mean: A few of the cool kids in a Utah high school convinced the mentally limited janitor to buy them beer in exchange for photographs of their penises (peni?). Fair enough, right? The boys get some beer, and the janitor gets some snapshots of goober. Everybody wins! Unfortunately, after the janitor hung up the pictures on his bedroom wall, the poor guy found out he got snookered! They were pictures of penis pulled from the Internet. Doh!

The case of a Brighton High School seasonal employee accused of providing beer to teenage boys in exchange for photos of their genitalia shocked and outraged the school community. But it turns out that the employee, Brian Scott Hansen, was the butt of a joke played on him by the boys, his defense attorney said Friday in 3rd District Court.
Hansen, 49, of West Valley City, believed he had genuine photos of the four boys, and even taped them to his bedroom wall with their names written on the backs. But defense attorney Steven Shapiro said the pictures were cut and pasted from the Internet, and that the boys never took any pictures of themselves.
“They laughed the whole time about the joke they played on Brian,” Shapiro told Judge Vernice Trease, adding that he felt Hansen - who has “functional limitations” - was “taken advantage of” by the boys.

You gotta cut the janitor a little slack, cause he’s functionally limited and all, but come on: The defense attorney actually argued that the janitor — who bought minors beer in exchange for penis pictures — was taken advantage of? That’s rich!

It worked, too. He got no jail time.

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Is the janitor suing for specific performance of the contract?