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Karl Rove, Ethical Novelist!

karl-rove.jpgAs the excellent TV critic from New Jersey put it in his column earlier this week: “Karl Rove will not testify under oath before Congress, but he did submit to questions from TV critics.” That about sums up this fuck of an administration, no?

Rove was in LA as part of the Television Critics Association Press tour, now that he’s part of the “we’re not biased, you’re biased” Fox News crew. Sepinwall’s article breaks down the Fox News session with Rove and, unsurprisingly, there wasn’t much to it. But there was this:

Finally,someone brought up former FEMA head Mike Brown and wondered whether, in retrospect, Rove thought it was a mistake to put the former head of a horse association in charge of America’s emergency response.
“Well, I think he was a little bit more qualified than that, but on that one,” he said with a wink, “you’ll have to wait for my book, unfortunately,” and proceeded to discuss the 2009 release date and price of said book.

And now it all comes together and falls into place. This administration hasn’t been fucking up because they’re idiots — they’ve fucking up for the sake of fucking up, to make good book fodder. Smart mother fuckers.

Here’s another highlight:

It wasn’t what you would call a lovefest. At one point, after a critic wondered if Rove would be on the honor system in terms of providing assistance to the McCain campaign, Moody said, “I don’t think Karl would cross an ethical line like that,” and there was audible laughter throughout the room.

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Dude, you just figured that out. Hell when the no WMD were found in after the Iraq invasion should have tipped your hand about it. The US has to buy billions of dollars worth of military supplies, equipment, training/logistical support for our troops. We spend a billion dollars a month. Most of that money goes right back into US companies' pockets. Even I, a conservative, right-wing, life long Rep has figured that out. This war is only about economics.

But maybe the Bush admin isn't so stupid. By rights, the US economy should have slipped into a Recession 5 years ago, with the over-valued dollar and mass exodus of low skilled/back-office jobs overseas. The quickest way to starve off a Recession is massive government spending through military build-up/conflict. But it always comes back to bite the hand which feeds it after a few years. (e.g. Vietnam/70's recession, 80's military build-up/late 80's recession, and now) I don't know...I only got two hours sleep last night so maybe I'm just talking out of my ass about this topic. It seems to me that the current Bush admin, was just putting this off to the next administration.

It didn't happen after WW I and II because our competitor's economies were in shambles because of the war, while Vietnam, the Reagan years, and the 2nd Gulf War, hadn't involved our economic rivals. The US escaped this repeating cycle during those two times by being the only economy which was able to re-tool quicker. Our competitors had to come to us to buy the machines to re-fit they factories after rebuilding their manufacturing capacity. The only ones left selling what they needed was the US. That is how we escaped and continued to grow. But like I said, I'm tired and just talking out of my ass. Remember if you are talking about the Bush family, Prescott, GHW, and GW...it is always about money. You don't become rich and continue to increase your family fortunes by being stupid.