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Joe the Plumber Another Ridiculous Casualty of the Election

You know, Joe the Plumber came out and officially endorsed McCain/Palin yesterday. And I’m not so sure that’s going to work in their favor.

And, now that “Joe the Plumber” is “Joe the Opportunist” he doesn’t even have time for McCain anymore. This is joyous:

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Joe the Plumber wants to be a country singer.
Joe the Plumber is DUMB! Death to Israel? DUMB!

I'm from Toledo, which is fairly close to Holland, and as I was driving down the highway a couple days ago, I saw a truck that had "I'm Joe the Plumber!" written on the back window...and I really think it was the real Joe the Plumber. I looked at the driver. Jerk.

That makes me feel kind of bad for McCain.

Joe the Plumber, Schmoe the Plumber - anyone who uses this as argument against McCain is just Joe the Dumber.