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Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

springer.jpgUp in Wisconsin, Mario Sims is a 21-year-old accused child molester who had been under house arrest, awaiting his trial on charges of child enticement and sexual assault of a child. After three weeks under his house arrest, Sims ended up cutting off the monitoring bracelet. Not to make any great escape, but to go be on the “Jerry Spring Show.”

A website teaser for the episode he was on said:

“Outrageous nuptials! Returning guest Mario is a proud father and ready to marry his baby’s mother - who’s also his half-sister.”

Last Friday, a court set new bail for Sims at $50,000, saying that a “significant bond is legally necessary given the fact that he absconded, admittedly for one of the more unique reasons I’ve heard in my time on the bench.”

What’s interesting to me, beyond the lunacy of the situation itself, is that this took place last September, yet the bail hearing was only this past Friday, six months later. Nobody can accuse our justice system of moving too fast.

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Wisonsin- yet AGAIN!!! Seriously, what is it with the people in that state?!

I'm telling you - the state is preparing for an all-out battle with Florida for sole title to "Wackiest State in the Union."