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JDate Stands for Jackass!

jdate.jpgAs most people recognize, the online dating world is full of perils. Misleading photos. People who insist that they love walks on the beach, when in fact they live in landlocked states. Married men looking for some swinging action, and even stalkers. But no one, really, can be as awful as a Public Relations Agent by the name of Darren Sherman.

From his JDate profile, Mr. Sherman seems almost normal: treacly and pretentious perhaps, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary in the online dating world. But, Sherman is cut from a different kind of cloth — the cheap kind, with a money back guarantee, even after it’s been tattered and used.

Indeed, in one of the more bizarre online dating tales, Sherman meets Joanne. Joanne and Sherman go out to eat at a nice restaurant. The date goes okay, and at some point, Joanne offers to split the bill. Darren Sherman declines. The date, at some point, devolves. Darren goes home and … he emails Joanne for her portion of the dinner - $50.

Tacky as hell, right? Well, Darren’s just getting started, hombres. Joanne, expectedly, ignores his email, but Darren does not give up. Darren calls and leaves a voice mail, insisting that Joanne pay. The voice mail is immediately followed up with another email.


I wanted to follow up on my email and call to you last night to ensure you received my messages for the $50.

Please acknowledge by replying to this email that you will be sending me the $50.

I hope you understand from my point of view.


Joanne finally emails Darren back, and insists that the jerk cut it out, that she will not be sending him $50, and that he kindly leave her the fuck alone.

Darren, however, is not done. First thing he does is to cut/paste his AMEX bill for the meal onto an email message. When that fails to elicit the appropriate response, he leaves another voice mail, this time threatening to call Joanne’s employer to get the bill settled. Joanne writes back and politely suggest that Darren jump up her ass. Darren, who is not phased, does call her office and threatens Joanne with a court summons, remarking that “You ate the food, you drank the wine, pay the bill!”

This goes on for quite a while, voice mails are exchanged, more court summons are threatened, and Darren even calls the restaurant and asks them to remove half the charge and apply it to Joanne. Darren is unshakable. Darren is a schmuck. And today, Darren Sherman is all over the Internets. Congrats, Darren – you’ve forever ruined your dating life.

For more on the JDate saga, with real-life voice mails, check out PR Differently’s full account. And, if Darren follows through on the court summons, you can bet your ass we’ll be the first to discuss its merits.

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HAHA, what a tool this Darren sherman is! Does anyone have a picture of this guy? He used to work for the SEC and now runs his own consulting company.

Darren is a very moral person, but avoids his true feelings about himself by focusing on the loss of money. He is trying to show that his money is more important than the fact things didn't work out. I don't think he's a bad guy at all.

I'm sorry Oliver, but your logic eludes me. How does avoiding one's true feelings make them a very moral person and how does treating money more important than anything else a good thing?

Are you kidding? the women in my office were reading this and listening and laughing in horror.
I hope she posts his picture and reports this to EVERY WOMAN out there. It is Horrible that he did this and NO RESPONSIBILITY Spells narcisstic-boderline personality disorder. It also may be a CLEAR WARNING sign that this man is abusive and indeed dangerous.
A friend of mine got involved with a man like this and it just about killed her. Women BE CAREFUL what information you give out to "dates".

I might add a bit of antisocial personality DO to the "Cluster B" cocktail posted by Katie. I just broke up with a real troubled person but he has nothing on Mr. Sherman with regard to cheesey tactics. Joanne, you go girl!! In the meantime, I'm going to avoid JDate and just focus on skiing.

PS Glad this stalker/loser lives on the other coast!

why didn't Joann block her e-mail address and her phone number and call the police to have a little chat with mrcheap? for short money you can get a rubber stamp made saying what people used to feel free to say outloud; namely, drop dead

The tragedy here is reliving in your mind Darrens descent into social hell and Joannes wasted "date hopes and aspirations". I can visualise Darrens parents feeding him a diet of don't ever let anyone score over you, then we consider poor Darrens school days and him realising that throughout life'sands always going to be kicked in his face', and it all leads upto Joanne [the date] being pushed and shoved into bowing to his macho threats - but she didn't. Joanne Kicked sand in his face, so much so today "He's shit on by every sandfly in the neighbourhood" and the scmuck deserves it. Joanne 10 - Creep 0.