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It’s not my fault I can’t keep my knickers up

london.jpgThis is the kind of lawsuit that sounds like it should’ve come from the always entertaining and stupefying Florida, but it’s actually from London. Back in 2002, the 29-year old Stephen Tame was enjoying his life, having recently gotten married. One day at his job, which was at a bicycle warehouse, he took a tumble off a gantry and busted up his noggin a bit. After awaking from a two month coma, things weren’t so good for Mr. Tame anymore.

See, after waking up, Tame found that he now had an increased libido. To satisfy this new sex drive, Tame turned to hookers and porn and, eventually, two full-blown affairs. I guess he didn’t like his new swinging lifestyle (dare I make the bad pun?…untamed lifestyle!), because he sued his former employer. Now I say this sounds like a Florida lawsuit because the notion of suing over an excessive libido just seem ludicrous to me. And Florida is the capital of U.S. ludicrousness.

But I guess the Brits are ok with this, because the man was actually awarded 3.1 million pounds by the High Court, to compensate him for the fact that “[h]is life and the life of his young wife were shattered.” Hire hookers, cheat on your wife, get the equivalent of $6 million! Only in America England.