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It’s Not Like He’s Gonna Eat the Kid

huckabee-family.JPGIn Arkansas, you can’t adopt a child if you’re gay. In England, apparently you can’t adopt a child if you’re fat.

A man has been told he cannot adopt a child because he is overweight.
Damien Hall was told by Leeds city council that his weight - 24-and-a-half stone - made his morbidly obese.
The council told him his body mass index, BMI, was more than 42 and informed the 37-year-old it would have to drop to below 40 before he could be considered a potential parent due to risks he could become ill or die.
Mr Hall and his wife Charlotte, 31, have been married for 11 years but are unable to have children of their own.

24 and a half stones — that’s about 350 pounds, or the average size of a typical Arkansan (which you’d probably understand if you’d ever eated at AQ Chicken House — deee-licious).

It’s a stupid rule in England, but at least there’s some logic behind it: If you weigh 350 lbs, you’re less likely to survive long enough to care for the child.

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Fat parents have fat children. They endanger the life of their child by making them vulnerable to disease later on. Gay parents don't raise gay children. They raise children who are open-minded and free of prejudice.

The English law shows more merit than the current Arkansas law. God forbid we (Americans) display common sense.

Don't forget one of those fat huckabee boys kills dogs!

Wow, it's like anonymous was reading my mind!

Tru dat, Manda. I'm from the A-R-K, and I remember when it happened. Not only do we have the ban on gay adoption, but Huckabee sponsored the "Covenant Marriage" laws. There's a man who really knows what it takes to raise a good kid.

Nonsense. My fat Dad was a great Dad. His Weight Never prevented him from playing with me, supporting me and raising me. It would be one thing if his health was in danger. (IE Has had a heart attack ect.) But Fat is not a disease. Would you prevent a diabetic from adopting? My aunt is 85 and has been a diabetic her whole life and has raised a whole family successfully. Discrimination in this case is not just hurting these people but the child who is being denied a home.

So will they also ban smokers from adopting? Unless they get below a pack a day, that is. People who consistently speed and might crash their car? Seriously, anyone *might* get killed tomorrow by a freak accident, leaving a child parentless. Give the guy a child to love, and he might actually lose weight from playing with it or not having the time to eat and sleep. Worked for me.

fat may not be a disease, but fat is a serious risk factor for dying young. and yes, i think most states don't allow people with type I diabetes to adopt, on the theory that they, in general, die young and are prone to various illnesses. the fact is, most people who want to adopt all want to adopt the same few babies. a lot of the children who aren't adopted are in some way less "desirable" to potential families, i.e. too old, disabled, not the same race as the prospective parents, has a sibling, etc. people won't take their second-favorite child, and are therefor forced into fierce competition for the popular ones. moreover, since this isn't higgledy-piggledy genetics, it is the state or adoption agency's responsibility to ensure that this home is not a decent home, not a fine home, but the best possible home.