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It takes balls to do something like that … some might say it takes Powerballs! (Thank you - I’ll be here all night.)

powerB.jpgRajinder Kauer was recently arrested and charged with grand theft. Kauer works at a 7-Eleven in northern California, and her alleged grand theft actually took place on the job. Get this — a guy came in with his Mega Millions ticket and she told him he won $4, happily giving him the cash. And since the guy was apparently too lazy to check the ticket on his own, he didn’t know that it was really worthy a cool $555,000. In fact, he only became suspicious of the whole thing when he heard a later report about a winning ticket being in the wild, but that a winner had not come forward yet.

I mean, if you’re gonna bother playing the lotto, can’t you at least take the ten second effort to check your numbers? That way, if you win, at least you can claim you did something to earn the money, you know?

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The thief's last name is spelled K-A-U-R. Good looking out, honey.