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Is that a shiv in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

dawud-yaduallah.jpgDawud Yaduallah, that happy-go-lucky dude right over there who used to go by the name David Hanley, is an ex-convict and a career criminal. But now he’s also a plaintiff because, free from the confines of prison, he’s he’s filed a federal lawsuit against one of his former prison nurses. He says the nurse gave him a 25% extra dose of one of his meds, which led to him sitting in his cell for 55 hours with a raging hard-on before he was finally taken to the hospital for some treatment.

Yaduallah, 43, claims nurse Judith Lovelace’s diagnostic foul-up left him “irreparably injured” with “severe damage to his penis, including erectile dysfunction, inability to ejaculate and pain during sexual intercourse.”

He now needs a prosthesis “to possibly restore some sexual function” and says “his medical problems have caused difficulty in his marriage,” court papers say.

And yes, I agree — the best of this story is totally the fact that the nurse’s last name is Lovelace.

(H/T: Gawker)

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And just what meds are they giving prisoners that have this side effect?

Seroquel, an anti-depressant. Hmmm....seems it should have made him quite happy.