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Introducing Our Newest Caped Crusader: Sleepy Man

unbranded-lippi-selk-all-in-one-sleeping-bag-yellow-.jpgHey: In these tough economic times, it’s not always affordable to go out and buy an actual cape. Sometimes, we just have to make do.

Authorities said a man wearing a sleeping bag as a cape and carrying a screwdriver as a weapon tried to rob someone in the parking lot of a Gainesville business.
Police said Marcus Lee Mattox, 46, approached the intended victim early Sunday morning and asked for money. When the man refused, police said Mattox threw off the cape and pulled the screwdriver from his waistband. The other man quickly ran into a store and called 911.
Mattox was arrested a few blocks away and charged with attempted armed robbery. He was being held on $20,000 bail.

The cold shouldn’t be an impediment to robbery. I like this man’s ingenuity. Plus, he’s already got a blanket ready for his prison cell.

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I live in Gainesville. To be fair, it has been pretty chilly here lately.

Greetings from Chicago, pxilated. Trust me. You have no idea what "pretty chilly" really feels like.

I have to assume that it was a Phillips screwdriver. If someone pulled a Robinson on you, you would just laugh and walk away.

I know how good I have it. Still, for Florida, 5 C is pretty chilly.

Is phillips the plus- or the minus-shaped screwdriver? I think it's the plus. I always thought the minus was just called a screwdriver. Learn something new everyday!