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Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You

free-cute-dog-screensaver.jpgKarma is getting quicker, folks:

State police say 39-year-old Thomas Wright Jr.’s dog ran from his house onto the property of Herschel Hupp, of Amwell Township, and began chasing Hupp’s cattle. Police say Hupp got a .22 caliber rifle and tried to shoot the dog.
Police say Wright stepped in and was shot in the thumb, and the same bullet killed the dog.
Wright wrestled the rifle from Hupp and went to check on his dog, but Hupp then collapsed and stopped breathing. Police say Wright performed CPR on Hupp and both men were taken to Washington Hospital, where Hupp had a heart attack and died.


And the moral of the story: Don’t be a dick.

(Note: Pictured dog not harmed in incident)

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Y'know what? Way to go, Mr. Wright.