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In the That’s-Messed-Up Department

welfare.jpgThe Supreme Court refused, without comment, to intervene in a San Diego County case where investigators are allowed to show up, unannounced, to a welfare recipient’s residence and search their home without a warrant. Failure to comply with said search could result in loss of benefits.


The 9th Circuit upheld the regulation, arguing that it didn’t violate the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure because the residents could refuse to comply.

Well, yeah: They could. But then they’d lose their public assistance.

Who knew that, by accepting government funds, you were also giving up your Constitutional rights and the rights of a full citizen? Man, it just doesn’t pay to be poor in this country.

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9th Circuit? No way. The 9th Circuit isn't INSANE like that.

One wonders when waiver of Fourth Amendment rights becomes a condition precedent for receiving, say, agricultural subsidies.