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In many parts of the country, Republicans were seen doing the walk of shame this morning….

ballot.gifWell the day after Election Day usually has some interesting headlines, and as the Democrats lick their lips at the thought of gaining back some long-lost legislative power, here are some of the law-related headlines:

Over at How Appealing we learn that “[b]allot measures seen as threats to judicial independence are defeated in South Dakota and Colorado.” The South Dakota measure which failed was the much-discussed “Jail 4 Judges,” which only received backing from about 10 percent of the voters.

South Dakota voters also declined to endorse an almost universal ban on abortion (the only exception was for when the mother’s life was in absolute danger).

Meanwhile, in Missouri, it looks like state voters narrowly passed a proposal in support of stem cell research. However, it may be a while before the protections of that law are afforded to state researchers, as opposition groups say they intend to tie things up in court and pass further legislative restrictions.

Gay marriage was also on many ballots, and in seven states, voters approved to limit the definition of marriage as being between a man and woman. While Arizona voted against such a state constitutional amendment, it was approved by voters in Virginia, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Tennessee, South Dakota, Colorado and Idaho.

And here in Massachusetts, I’m sad to report that Question 1 was voted down, meaning we still can’t buy wine in our grocery stores.