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I’m surprised this is the first such story I’ve ever read

webcam.jpgDown in Florida, Craig Matthew Feigin has gotten into some trouble over his computer repair job. Seems that he was rigging fixed laptops so that their webcams would snap illicit pics and send them to a remote server. In one instance, Feigin got over 20,000 photos, including some bedroom nudie shots.

His undoing came from a woman noticing that her laptop battery life had gone to shit, and that her laptop’s camera light would flick on whenever she got near the camera. Things quickly unraveled after that, and Feigin was hauled away to face some Florida computer crimes, which could land him a felony and some serious jail time.

Sadly, the article doesn’t mention whether this woman is someone one might actually want to see elicit pics of, which is naturally the question on all of our minds. Since it’s Florida, the odds are highly in favor of her either being a model/co-ed or a septuagenarian. Quite a difference between the two, you know?

(Hat tip to reader Mark S.)