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I’m guessing she didn’t bake him a “welcome to the neighborhood” pie

pie-hole.jpgIn New Zealand, the Department of Corrections had to issue a mea culpa after it came to light that a now-free convicted killer wound up living right next door to the daughter of the woman he murdered. The girl, now 21, witnessed her mother’s stabbing 15 years ago, and has had nightmares ever since. So imagine her joy at finding that the man was there, in the flesh and blood, right next door.

The Department says that it checked out a register where victims are supposed to keep their addresses up to date but in this case, the Department apparently didn’t even know that the girl existed — since the register was only created in 2002, many victims from before that time aren’t on it.

The Department yanked the criminal from his new home as soon as they learned of this debacle, and placed him someplace else.