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I’ll take any excuse to talk about nipples!

mHarringt.jpgOut in Lincoln, Nebraska, Melissa Harrington has filed a claim against the city and its police department, seeking $75,000 in damages for lost business opportunities. Last March, Harrington got into some trouble for hosting a wet t-shirt contest at a local bar. The cops said she was topless, so she was charged with violating the local public decency ordinance. In August she was hit with six months’ probation.

Harrington says that she wasn’t actually in violation of the law because she had pink paint over her nips. But the bigger problem now, according to Harrington, is that the cops are intimidating local bars to keep them from hiring her for events. So she’s taking her pink-paint-covered nipples to get some help from the law.

And get this - Melissa says that if she wins, she’ll donate the money to charity. So she’s a topless bar girl with a heart!

Meanwhile, turning to topless bar girls without heart, Paris Hilton has pled not guilty to her drunk driving charges.


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On the internet she goes by Melissa Midwest and if you haven't checked her out you should. She's tasty. It's a pay site but there are plenty of free pictures of her floating around. She's not a knockout in the face department, but she has a great body and she is infinitely fuckable. There's something very sexy about her.