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I’ll give you the first Hershey Ice Breaker for free, but after that, you gonna have to pay like everyone else!

ice-breakers.jpgWilliam Blackburn, chief of the Philly police, is a bit pissed at the Hershey Company right now. Seems that they’ve released a new non-chocolate product called Ice Breakers Pacs. These Pacs are little dissolvable pouches filled with a powdered sugar product, and the Police Chief says they look a bit too much like drug packets. He’s worried that some kid might find a heat-sealed bag of drugs and, thinking it’s one of these tasty Hershey sweets, swallow it.

“It glorifies the drug trade. There’s really no reason that a product like this should be on the shelf.”

But not so fast, says Hershey. Each pouch has a logo on it! So it’s totally not meant to look like drugs, and there’s no way kids would be confused. Hershey declined to comment on the new ad campaign, however, which features Tony Montana throwing handfuls of the Ice Breakers Pacs to children while shouting “say hello to my icy-fresh little friends.”

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You do mean 'tasty Hershey sweets,' right?

Damn it! Yeah, while Hershey sweats are tasty and all, I did in fact mean sweets.

thay dew look delicious. Damnit wi does everything eye like have two bee bad in some weigh.