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If you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it…

wWonka.jpgA month ago, a ban was put in place in Brattleboro, Vermont, forbidding folks from being nude in public. While this ban was only temporary, there was recently a proposed ordinance which would’ve made the ban permanent. However, it was voted down 3-2 last week, so once the temporary ban runs out, public nudity will be legal again! Residents against the ban feel that our country is “going down a slippery slope these days” with ever-increasing intolerance.

But 967 people from the town signed a petition showing their support for the ban. The organizer of the petition asks: “What is the point, other than shock and awe, that the nudists are trying make?” Clearly, this is a man who has never experienced the joy of a cool breeze upon his Willy Wonka, unencumbered by anything as pesky as clothes.

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It's Naked Time!!! *Ping!*

Free your Willy!