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If You’re Gonna Steal a Car for a High Speed Chase, Make Sure It’s not Explosive

462-20090108_manhunt_06A.embedded.prod_affiliate.138.jpgHere’s some real Grand Theft Auto stuff:

One robbery suspect is dead and another in police custody after a bizarre pursuit Thursday night that ended in a fiery wreck that has shut down a portion of the Brookshire Freeway.
Police say that in their haste to get away, robbery suspects crashed one car and then carjacked an SUV from a plainclothes Gaston County police officer.
In the confrontation, at least two shots were fired by the officer before the Chevy Suburban crashed and burst into flames. The fiery wreck was fueled by ammunition in the truck.

You know, if Jason Statham were driving that SUV, he’d have survived the crash. And he’d have taken out half the police force before getting away on a motor scooter.

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That's kinda awesome. I bet the robber's family sues the city for making their cop cars too explosive.

I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too...

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