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If You’re Going to Commit Animal Cruelty, You May As Well Do It in Style

animalcurelty.jpgHowsa ‘bout a round of applause for Pauline Harpin and her son, Paul, who are responsible for the worst case of animal cruelty in the history of Vermont. Where’s Guinness?

Five cats, two ferrets, a lizard, a gecko, a rabbit, a python, a gerbil, a tarantula, a chinchilla, a guinea pig, a tortoise, a mouse and a malnourished dog were rescued. Found dead were an iguana, a white rat, a hedgehog and at least 15 cats and kittens in various stages of decomposition.
Also found was a decomposing animal of unknown type in a pot on a stove. More than a dozen partially frozen dead animals were found in a refrigerator freezer.

Also included, a four-year-old Labrador mix that’d been living in its own filth in the basement since it was three-months old, as well as a tortoise with a deformed shell.

Of course, the Harpins — who were covered in fleas and had to be decontaminated by a hazardous materials crew — had no idea why the cops were taking away their animals.

“They said they didn’t know why their animals were dying. They were very angry we were taking the animals away from them, and they didn’t offer any information. They simply said `We’re taking care of them, but they’re dying, there’s nothing we can do.’ The response they gave was very strange.”

If you’re looking for a reason, here’s a clue: There was pot in the oven. And the oven makes for one terrible bong.