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If you could sue anytime someone does anything remotely offensive, I’d be in a heap of trouble

miley-cyrus.jpgOk, look, we’ve all seen the picture of little Miley Cyrus pulling her eyes back all slantey-like, right? Sure, I can see how folks are offended. And I can see how Asians are particularly offended, which is why apologies were demanded and given. Fine. Good. Move on.

Well, except that Lucie J. Kim has filed a class-action lawsuit against Cyrus seeking $4 billion in damages. This money-grubbing asshat claims that Miley, in posing for this photo, “knew or should have known that her image would be publicly disseminated via the media, which Cyrus knew focused on her private life, specifically TMZ” and that it doesn’t matter that she’s “just a kid.” So she wants four grand for each Asian Pacific Islander in LA County, because their civil rights have been violated.

Yeah. The argument is that Cyrus knew the picture would get out in the media and would hurt people’s feelings, and this somehow violates Asian Pacificers’ civil right. Bitch, please.

(Hat tip to Patty and Amanda.)

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Good frigging Lord. I'm an angry Asian girl at Miley's sheer stupidity, more for her response and supposed apologies than the actual picture, but really? Really? This? I'm going to say it's a bit too far. (Although, the money only goes to those in LA County? That's geo-prejudice, for sure. I want my four grand, too.) Why not sue every rich teenager for doing something stupid as hell?

okay, i see how it's offensive at first glance, but doesn't anyone think it's kind of funny because the one Asian kid in the photo is bugging his eyes out...uh, like white people do?? If that was done on purpose...hilarious. I'm more offended by the lone dissenter making the "woo-woo-woo Indian face," that has nothing to do with the joke (if it was a conscious joke). anyway, shouldn't the law be more concerned with the wine in the picture with little underaged princess? and what exactly is that thing her manchair is holding- the thing that looks a little bit like a pipe?

And the cunt isn't suing the other five people in this photo because????????????

Duh. Can you say frivolous? Can you say opportunist?

Sure. I knew you could.

In the words of the great Penn Jillette,
"You don't have the right to not be offended."
WTF? If kids got sued for every racist remark or gesture that they make, there'd be a lot of rich minorities out there. It's part of growing up, you have to make stupid mistakes in order to understand the difference (and similarities) among races.

So... what's the California equivalent of Rule 11? Because no lawyer should get away with filing this shit.

4 Billion Dollars....why stop there, why not ask for 4 Trillion dollars, that way you may actually have a chance at winning Dr. Evil.