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If William Tell Were a Fetishist …

cheney-naked-woman.jpg… he’d probably be something like Vedran Ribaric, who combined his two favorite pastimes — sex and shooting — into one activity.

Vedran Ribaric, 26, forced wife Mirna to strip to her knickers and run round her garden while he took pot shots at the terrified woman.
He ever persuaded the frightened 23-year-old to pose provocatively while he took aim.
Ribaric was jailed for three and a half years for torture at Zapresic in Croatia.
A neighbour said: “Shooting at a beautiful woman like her is crazy. Couldn’t he have practised on a wild pig like everyone else?’

My favorite part is the quote: “Couldn’t he have practiced on a wild pig like everyone else?” If everyone else uses wild pigs as target practice, Croatia must be the world’s Florida.

And are we postiive that wasn’t Dick Cheney?