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If they fired folks for this at my firm, I’d up-and-quit in a fucking heartbeat

the-l-word.jpgThis has been a relatively disappointing summer, at least from the perspective of summer associate shenanigans. Usually by this point there’s been at least one good summer debacle that’s been e-mailed nationwide. But this year, nada.

Then comes this story — seems that at a recent event for a Minneapolis firm, two female summer associates got drunk and made out. And they were fucking fired for it. There are claims that this was simply the last straw in a “pattern” of poor decision making all summer long (since when is two girls kissing considered “poor” decision making?), while other claims say the firing was solely for the Kiss, while still other claims say these two gals were warned that very day about avoiding drunken shenanigans yet decided to make out anyways.

What. the fuck. ever. I’ve seen some serious over-the-top drunken shenanigans by summer associates, and I’ve only seen someone get fired mid-summer once, way back in the day, and it was legitimately called for — dude bitch slapped a female summer associate. But two chicks making out a little? Jesus Christ, half the girls Dustin and I knew in law school would’ve had their careers ended before they even began if this is were the fucking standard. Which reminds me, if you ever have the “pleasure” of drinking with Dustin or I, ask us about one night in our third year when there was a certain kissing contest going on. We each have separate, but quite amusing, stories from that night.

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Two female summer associates making out is only "poor decision making" if:

1. They are both ugly.
2. There is no video evidence of said make out session (assuming they are, in fact, hot).

So, Seth. You and Dustin made out and won the kissing contest. I couldn't be more proud.