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If I were defending this witness, I’d kiss him!

chewy2.jpgThis deposition transcript comes from a forum posting, so take it with a huge grain of salt, but it’s pretty damn amusing:

Attorney: Remember we still have a trial. There will be some more of it come up then, but no reason to go over it all now. Can’t have it all. You’ll have cut your hair by then, you know.
Witness: You have a thing about my longer hair, don’t you? Are you jealous or what?
(Off-the-record discussion.)
(Exhibit No. 25 marked.)
Witness: Well, you’d probably look better if you shaved it. Anyway, go ahead.
Attorney: I know you would be. I know you would look better if you shaved yours.
Witness: Do you really think so?
Attorney: Yeah, I really do.
Witness: That’s amazing. Your wife doesn’t think so.

(Hat tip to Above the Law.)

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and there they all sat in the conference room, dicks in their right hands, rulers in their left...