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If ever a homicide was justified…

television.jpgIn Rostraver, Pennsylvania, Thomas Gay Wickerham is facing up to 40 years in the clink for killing his wife. He pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, saying that he just “went berserk” and that his wife “made me shoot her” back in February 2005.

Now, I don’t support shooting your wife. And I really don’t support doing it in front of your poor children.

But here’s the thing. Wickerham says that his wife turned off the TV, which is what triggered his rage. I mean, if he was right in the middle of watching a game or “Lost” or “Top Chef,” well, as I say, you might make a case that this shit was justified. Of course, if he was watching something like “Two and a Half Men” or something with Larry the Cable Guy, he deserves the chair.