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Identity Crisis


There’s this company called LifeLock which claims it can protect your identity from all the identity thieving folks out there. And CEO Richard Todd Davis was so confident of his company’s ability that he revealed his Social Security number to the masses just to show how not-worried he was about what people could do with it, with LifeLock on the watch.

Well now a class action lawsuit has been filed against LifeLock claiming false advertising. Among other things, the lawsuit claims that LifeLock couldn’t even keep its CEO’s identity safe:

While LifeLock has only publicly acknowledged that Davis’ identity was compromised on one occasion, there are more than 20 driver’s licenses that have been fraudulently obtained [using his personal information].
Furthermore, a simple background check performed using Davis’ Social Security number reveals that his entire personal profile has been compromised to the extent that the birth date associated with his Social Security number is Nov. 2, 1940, which would [inaccurately] make Davis 67 years old.

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Jeremy Clarkson (a UK television presenter) made a similar mistake earlier this year.


This is hilarious, yet sad that nothing is safe anymore.

I was really hoping that LifeLock was as awesome as it sounded. No one else, government included, seems to have a handle on this!