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I know Jonathan Lee Riches. Jonathan Lee Riches is a friend of mine. And you, sir, are no Jonathan Lee Riches!

nuclear-earth.jpgOver at Above the Law, David Lat thinks that a new pro se litigant is giving our favorite crazy man, Jonathan Lee Riches, a run for his money. Lat, you’re nuts. Riches is the best litigant, pro se or otherwise, ever. …Ever. Will never be beat.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Gregory Newman’s new lawsuit isn’t a peach anyways. Last week, the District Court down in D.C. through out Newman’s complaint, which was filed against the Covert Action Air Operations and Satellite Operations Fl. Progress, some sort of shadow government entity in Florida which doesn’t exist (or so they’d have us believe!). Newman claims that he has held “secrets of this country” for 45 years, including a video tape of a magnetic tornado that touched down in his back yard. Only, now, that tape has been erased. The shadow government is erasing tapes, stealing light bulbs, and destroying evidence, all in an effort to keep Newman down.

And it’s not just the Government. “The Christians” apparently injected him with AIDS, which may not be a problem anyway, since Newman says that the earth is a nuclear bomb.

The earth. is. a. nuclear bomb.

So as I say, the Court threw Newman’s complaint out, saying that “[c]omplaints that describe fantastic or delusional scenarios are subject to immediate dismissal.” So Newman’s complaint is delusional?

The judge is in on it, people!

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that guy's pretty funny, but he's no JLR©.

and, speaking of JLR©, what is up with Justia News posting the names of the new lawsuits, but not posting the complains anymore? it's getting very frustrating to see the cases up there, and know there are hundreds of complaints' worth of amusement to be had, but not be able to read them.

I cannot wait for one of these guys to actually be right about one of their crazy allegations! Like that episode of the Simpsons, where Homer makes up random shit for his website, and stumbles upon a secret evil conspiracy to put mind control agents in flu shots. I feel that, statistically speaking, JLR© has to get something right eventually...

Well, obviously, it was the magnetic tornado that erased the video tape, being magnetic and all. Duh!

Also, it's "threw out".